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I recently started using a fantastic site called Pintrest which allows you to easily save, or "pin", items you find online, as well as organizing your selections onto specific boards. Not only is this an excellent tool for capturing and keeping all your inspirational goodies in one place but it is also a great source for additional ideas - and the board presentations are just lovely, too. If you haven't already happened upon Pintrest you really should take a peek at it {here} - but fair warning, it is addictive!

I would like to start a recurring feature where I post about something interesting that I have recently pinned - a new DIY project to test out, something magnificent I've found for the home, or perhaps even a delicious recipe.

So, for the first Put a Pin In It feature I'd like to share with you all a pin about how to make chalkboard paint in whatever colour you desire.

Martha Stewart Custom Chalkboard Paint
The original pin is from MarthaStewart.com  - a site I just love to get great DIY ideas from on a pretty regular basis. I have always been interested in using chalkboard paint and have seen some very creative applications - not just on walls, but on lamps, tables, even globes! However, I just can't get over the typical black - it's such a dark colour and I am not sure how long I could really live with it. So, imagine my joy to find that I am no longer limited by colour! To be fair, there are more pre-made chalkboard paints in alternate colours nowadays - but you are still limited to whatever colours have been made available. Mixing your own chalkboard paint opens up many more possibilities, and what could be better than the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself?!

I haven't tried out the recipe just yet, but it couldn't be simpler - a cup of paint, two tablespoons of unsanded tile grout, and some mixing to get out all the clumps; then apply the mixture to your chosen primed surface, sand with a 150-grit paper (wiping off dust), condition by rubbing chalk over the surface then wipe off the residue with a slightly damp sponge - voila, custom chalkboard!

There is a wall in my kitchen that is just terribly bear and lately I've been eyeing it up as a great spot for some chalkboard paint. However, I also love the above photo from Martha where a frame was transformed to a chalkboard. I have a rather plain Ribba frame from Ikea that I think I'd like to re-vamp:
Ikea's Ribba Frame
My hubby and I did recently re-paint the powder room on the main floor of our house - after a lengthy search for the perfect paint colour. We picked up a few mini test paints before finally deciding on Martha Stewart Living's Rainwater:
Martha Stewart Living: Rainwater
While the colour may look a little dull, it actually looks fantastic in the room and is just the perfect shade of jade that I was desperately seeking. Originally I was crazy for CIL's Opal Silk - but unfortunately in the powder room it came out less of a jade and more of a robin's egg blue! Here's a picture of Opal Silk:
CIL: Opal Silk
We also tried Behr Ultra's Spring Stream which ended up looking a little more tropical than we were ultimately going for. We still have the test paints left and I think one of them may be used for this new project. Here we have a sampling of Spring Stream:
Behr Ultra: Spring Stream
Tell me what you think...

Has anyone tried to make their own chalkboard paint? I'd love to know how it turned out and what the project was. Stay tuned to find out how my experiment goes!

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