A Tale of Two Homes

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Let me be perfectly honest – I am in no way, shape, or form a designer by trade or training. I am, however, an individual that is wildly perfectionistic, quite crafty, and typically on a budget. So, when my hubby and I bought a house just under two years ago with barely enough furniture to fill it, I thought, what a fantastic time to begin my experiments in decorating!

Our old place was a great little apartment in the west-end of Toronto – the operative word here being “little”. It was… manageable, for the most part; but with the addition of a fast growing Labrador Retriever named Maxwell, we soon decided we needed a tad bit more space.

I wouldn’t know how to technically define it (there’s that lack of design training for you), but The Old Place was filled with a lot of dark woods, creamy fabrics, and very, very, beige walls. Did I mention how small it was? We had furniture, big furniture, from wall to wall.

Here you’ll find our first tour, that of The Old Place, in all its tiny glory.

The view from the balcony
The bedroom, complete with puppy on the bed
The teeny tiny bathroom
The claustrophobic kitchen
Living room, stuffed to the brim
Another view of the living room
And finally the "deluxe" of our 1 bedroom deluxe suite,
the dining room/office/dog crate corner
But who needs a dog crate when there are
so many other comfy places to sleep!?
After months of searching we finally found a gem of a home further west, but much to my delight still in Toronto. Ah, but discovering this home was the first challenge. Now, when you’re in The Home Depot scoring a fantastic deal on some beautiful hard wood to replace the carpeting on the upper floor of a home your about to close on in two weeks, the last thing you want to have is your realtor call you up to let you know your new house just flooded; I can assure you of that, first hand. Well, such are the adventures of home ownership. Although this resulted in a delayed closing our seller’s insurance covered all of the repair costs and we did eventually get to move in!

Our next tour showcases The New Place, a bare canvas for us to adorn.

View of the front in wintertime
Luxuriously spacious kitchen
The dining room; and it's JUST a dining room!!!
Living room
The master bedroom; yes, that means there is more than ONE room!
The upstairs bathroom; we also have a powder room on the main level..
this is living!
The basement den
Walkout to the backyard; winter is conveniently hiding
all the work that was needed for this space.
Living five years surrounded by our limited beige palette, I decided that The New Place should receive a little injection of colour. My hubby gifted me subscriptions to a couple of home decorating magazines and since then I’ve been diligently reading and scouring the web for inspiration on how to spruce up our home in ways I normally wouldn’t have. So, stay tuned to see our fabulous new Rococo style as it unfolds before your very eyes… (just kidding, I’m still not THAT adventurous!) 

What do you think?

There are a few things that hubby and I have done with the house; after all, it would be pretty bad if we were still living in an empty place two years later. But I am always looking for inspiration; so, what inspires you? Where would you recommend I go to find new ways to style my home?

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