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Martha Stewart: Spider Nests
Spiders are the bane of my existence. Whenever I see one I completely lose all functionality and the only thing I can think is, Spider.Must.Go! I have an eagle eye for them - I will spot them left and right, behind blinds, around corners, under furniture; yes, that's right, for spiders I can actually see around walls and through furniture... It's my gift, it's my curse. Suffice to say, my hubby gets a work out if there's a spider in the house. Of course, to dress up the front yard for Halloween, the most terrifying thing I can think to put out there has to do with my arch nemesis, the spider!

While surfing the site of the Queen of Crafts, Martha Stewart, I came across the above inspiration photo of a disgusting, terrifying, petrifying, spider nest. Immediately I thought, in a moment of insanity I suppose, I must have this! I showed it to my hubby and he also thought it would make a great addition to our outdoor display. Although he duly noted that I would likely no longer be able to exit the house after we erected these horrendous specimens.

The nests are actually SUPER easy to make (so if you need to add some extra ick to your Halloween decor last minute, this would be a great project!)

All you need are the following supplies:

Spider nest supplies
  • White nylon
  • Styrofoam egg
  • Batting (I just used the batting sold for spider's webbing)
  • Spiders (an assortment of big and small, if possible)
  • Pennies (to give the nest some weight)
  • Glue gun
To assemble, just cut a small length of nylon from the top opening of your stocking (that is, the OPPOSITE end from the foot of the nylon). Tie off one end and add some pennies (I used $1 worth) then shove the egg into that nylon. If you want, you can shape the pennies around the egg a bit (that's what I did), or just leave 'em all at the bottom of this sack. Next, wrap batting all around the egg so it's difficult to tell that it's an egg with pennies around it. Then place the sack with batting all around it into the longer length of stocking (push it all the way to the bottom of the foot end... this may take some finagling).

If the only spiders you managed to find are those little ring spiders - as was my case - next you'll want to cut the ring section off your spiders.

Remove ring portion of spiders
Position some spiders (ideally some small ones) inside the stocking nest (between the nylon and batting), then hot glue some more spiders on the outside of the nest (take care to hide any protrusion that looks like a penny by using a spider body!)
Hot glue gross spiders all over the awful nest
Finally, hang that disgusting sack of spiders near your entry way, from a tree, or where ever else you desire... and never look towards it again!!!
Nauseating nest at the corner of my house
Seriously creepy!
Horrendeous nest right above the doorway;
So wrong! What was I thinking!?
Bleh!!! Spider.Must.GOOOOOOOO!

How brave are you....

Is there anything that makes your skin crawl during this time of year? Are you one of those (awesome) people that gets your front yard all ghouled up for Halloween? If so, how do you like to decorate? Share some links to your displays in the comments!! And, of course, have a very...


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