Coming Soon to a Master Bedroom Near Me {Sneak Peek, & a Special Thank You!}

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I've mentioned my new goal to expand my colour repertoire {here}, and that includes one of my biggest challenges: getting used to GREY! Many of the walls in The New Place were painted some shade of grey; the master bedroom was no exception. Instead of going on a mad painting spree I decided, I'm going to learn to love grey even if it kills me. Well, maybe not if it's going to kill me; but you get the picture.

The first start was, well, to leave the grey walls as they were.
  • Grey Walls - check!
Since my hubby could no longer stand our old bedroom set (remember my struggle with {matchy-set-itis}?), we did make a brand new {headboard} for our bed. We even stuck with the colour theme and chose a beautiful geometric patterned fabric in a silver (don't worry, not a shiny silver! What am I saying, you probably know by now that I'm STILL not that adventurous!).

And now, the next project in the master bedroom is to replace the old side tables:

Old Side Tables
With two new similar, but not exactly the same (YEAH!), french provencal side tables. Not only that but we picked them up from a great antique store - so my hubby is also branching out in not having to buy everything brand new! Here's a tiny sneak peek at them:
Sneak Peek at New Side Table #1
Sneak Peek at New Side Table #2
Hubby and I have managed to strip the bad paint job from one and the awful stain off the other (that took FOREVER!!! Those finishes were just caked on and in every crevise). Both pieces have also now been sanded down. All that's left is to decide how to finish them. And that's where we are stuck. We just can't decide on whether to paint them white (properly, that is!), or if we should keep them in a natural wood stain. Our decision would also influence what we decide on as a replacement for our large six-drawer dresser - which will either be white or natural wood coloured (basically, whatever the side tables are, we'll choose the opposite for the large dresser).

This is a debate that has lasted, oh, probably about three months now. I'm sure one day, waaaaaaaaaaaay in the future, I'll finally be able to make my big reveal to you all!

Or, perhaps you can help me out?

Any suggestions on how to finish these babies would be greatly appreciated! Have you ever had such a struggle with how to finish a piece you were working on? What did you end up doing? Did you ever make a finishing choice you ever regretted? As always, I'd love to hear your stories!

Now, I would like to send out a very special shout out:


To Courtney from the beautiful blog French Country Cottage for sharing my {headboard} project on her Facebook page. I really appreciate it, Courney, and I'm so flattered! Everyone, please go check out the feature {here} and consider following the French Country Cottage on Facebook and in Blogland!


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