Falling into Fall

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Make no mistake about it, I am a summer baby all the way. I love the lush colours of summer and I especially love the heat. Much to my dismay, I live in a country that unfortunately experiences four seasons, so I not only have to adapt my wardrobe to the temperature changes but also my home decor. My hubby loves the fall, and as soon as October hit he proclaimed it time to "fall the place up". Despite my seasonal preferences I do happen to have a few items geared towards the fall stuffed away in a tiny box; the first weekend in October I finally broke down and fished them out of storage.

I have quite a few apothecary jars and have recently started to collect some Mason jars as well, so I thought I could use these as a starting point for my displays. Other items included mini beaded pumpkins, leaves, moss (sheet and reindeer moss), river rocks, and candles - nothing adds warmth like the soft glow of a candle, so what better way to create a fall ambiance than including some candles in an autumn display.

I had purchased some preserved leaves years ago from Michaels so my first project was to spruce up a square vase. This was easy enough; all that is required are two square vases and some leaves. The smaller of the two square vases is placed inside the larger one, then the leaves are positioned between them. The space between the two vases shouldn't be too large, but this may make it a bit difficult to use your fingers to position the leaves. A thin, flat, tool, such as a butter knife, will help gently push in and arrange the leaves around each other. The smaller vase can then be filled with water and flowers placed into it for a lovely fall display. Just make sure you have the flowers you want for your display before filling the smaller vase with water - after all, if you decide to change your mind, or need to change the water, you'll have to redo your leaf positioning. However, to avoid this I used a third, smaller, vase and placed water/flowers into that so it is much easier to change things up whenever I want.

Autumn leaf embellished vase
The apothecary jar displays were even easier - just plop in a dollop of moss and sit some mini pumpkins or other gourds on top, then add the lid.
Apothecary jars with mini gourds and moss
I also added candles to some of the jars, surrounded by river rocks, moss, and a few leaves.
Apothecary jars with candles
Just always remember to use a holder for the candles to protect the open flame, and make sure any potential hazards - like surrounding moss or leaves - are kept well away from the holder's opening. And of course, remove the apothecary lids before/while burning the candles!

The Mason jars were a little more work, just because they are taller and thinner than the apothecary jars. In order to get the candle close enough to the jar's opening I used an empty toilet paper roll as a platform. First I placed the roll in the jar then I placed sheet moss around the roll to completely cover it. Next I used a butter knife to gently move the moss/roll away from the side of the jar so I could position a leaf against the inside of the jar (I originally tried to put the leaf in first, but it kept being crumpled once I tried adding the moss in). Once you have things looking how you like, just drop the candle (in it's own protective holder) into the jar and enjoy!
Mason jar candle holders for fall
I've kept my displays pretty simple this year, just enough to fully appease my hubby about the level of autumn in the house!

Let me know....

How have you been adapting to the brisk autumn weather, and how has your decor evolved to suite the season? Did you fall behind on your autumn decorating this year (like me), or were you ready to go as soon as September hit? What kind of fall decorating have you been up to?

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