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The Old Me, from The Old Place, thought that everything in a home had to come in a set... a bedroom set, a living room set. It was so bad I was even buying lamps in sets! Bleh, I know! When moving into The New Place, hubby and I needed some more lighting and, before I could stop her, the Old Me promptly ran out and bought ANOTHER set of lighting to match the original set that I still had. What was I thinking, you ask?

I ask myself the same thing and I have no excuses!

Well, I'm slowly starting to realize that while furniture should compliment each other it doesn't have to be matchy matchy - and that includes lighting!

Don't get me wrong, I did love my lamps. I got the first set as a gift a loooooooooooong time ago and thought the style was unique and interesting. The shades had a beige colour - yup, there's that weird {beige} obsession again - and an almost soft leathery texture. But now that I look at them all I can think is, Ugh, why so many of you?!

Here's a shot of the offending suspect... but I warn you, this is not for the faint of heart.


Here it comes now....

One last warning... once you see it, you can't un-see it...

There it is!

First 23 seconds of O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) rings
menacingly from the skies
Avert your eyes now! Everything is OK. You're safe; you're by your computer; the bad lamp can't hurt you anymore.

Alright, it's not as bad as I thought; I actually do like my lamps still, they do have a nice shape to them. But why did I need to have eight of the same thing?! So after about seven years, I think I'm ready for a CHANGE!

Here are just a few of my latest table lighting obsessions:

I love this little technical looking number from Restoration Hardware... not so jazzed about the price tag though.

Restoration Hardware: Surveyor's Tripod Lamp
How about the oh so shiny mercury glass craze? Yup, it's sucked me in too... oooooooh shiiiiiiny...
Pottery Barn: Antique Mercury Glass Lamp
You might recognize this little number from my Den Moodboard {here}.
Crate and Barrel: Mack Lamp with White Cord
Look at the curves on this lovely lamp! I am just nuts for all the gourd lamps out there.
Ethan Allen: Dianna Gourd Table Lamp
I really love the spotlight feature on photographer's style lighting as well; this table lamp from Elte is particularly interesting.
Elte: Tripod Candlestick Lamp
Of course, I have way too expensive tastes; so unfortunately I'm going to have to live a while with my old "mistakes".... or will I?

Thanks to some inspiration from Kristen at My Covered Bridge I may be able to turn this:

Bad millionth iteration of the same lamp; BAD!
Into this:
Pottery Barn: Orinda Table Lamp with French Stripe Drum Shade
A Pottery Barn knock off for way less - considering I already have almost the same bases; now, all I need to do is pick up a couple of textural drum shades (maybe in linen or even in burlap) and I'm set! Kristen was able to find a great deal on both some similar bases to the PB inspiration and on a gorgeous set of textural shades with a very similar shape to the shades I have now (go on, check them out on her site {here}). Thanks so much for the inspiration, Kristen!!! I may be able to change up a bit of my style just yet!

Spill it:

Is there anything you have a love-hate relationship with in your decor? Something you think is great, but still in need of some serious re-vamping? What are some of your favourite lighting picks? Do share your stories, and stay tuned to see my lighting update!


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