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Martha Stewart: Pumpkin and Tombstone Treat Bags
Since we moved into The New Place my hubby and I have become obsessed with Halloween... well, actually, make that more obsessed. Halloween has always been one of my favourite times of year; I used to adore it as a child - not so much for the candy, which don't get me wrong was awesome, but more so for the costumes and the decor. Now my hubby and I enjoy entertaining the kiddies with our outdoor displays and I especially enjoy seeing big smiles when I hand out treat bags filled with goodies. As complicated as they may seem to make, pumpkin treat bags are actually pretty easy, the tombstones are a little more complex, but both are a spectacular alternative to the little plastic bags that most people use.

I first saw these bags on Martha Stewart's site and just fell in love with them. I've been making the pumpkins for the past two years now, and will continue the tradition for sure! For the pumpkin treat bags, all you need are:

  • Small orange bags
  • Green floral tape
  • Treats!
I purchased the bags and tape from Michaels craft store and we got a ton of yummy goodies from Walmart.

Once you have all your supplies just pull up a chair and start working! While the bags are easy to construct it can take a little bit of time, so don't start this the night before the kids are set to arrive - give yourself a few days, depending on how many you'd like to make.

My hubby and I tackle this in an assembly line fashion, where he places a variety of treats in a bag and I construct the pumpkins. To do this, carefully twist the excess of the bag as close to the treats as you can while maintaining as round a shape as possible where the treats sit in the bag. Then grab the floral tape (which is sticky on BOTH sides - so get ready to do some hand washing in between batches) and, working your way down from the top of the bag, wrap the tape around the "stem" of the pumpkin to the base. To add a little flourish, as Martha suggests, I cut the tape leaving a small length so that I can twist and curl it around my finger to look like the pumpkin's tendril.

Here's how they look in the end:

Pumpkin Treat Bags
We then hand out the treat bags from a large pumpkin basket that I believe we also picked up on sale from Michaels.

The first year we made these little bags we also made Martha's tombstone style bags. The looked so simple but were much more involved than the pumpkins (although terribly popular with the kids). The tombstone bags require the following supplies:

  • Small black bags
  • Tombstone templates (you can find Martha's {here})
  • Stamp or stencil/pen (if you wish to include messages on the bags)
  • More treats!
I had three different styles of tombstones, which were created by tracing the templates onto cardboard, tracing the sturdy cardboard template onto the black bags, then cutting out the shapes. Another cardboard template was made for the "RIP" design which I hand stenciled onto the bags using a silver pen. Once the bags were filled with candy, hubby and I carefully glued each of the bags closed at the opening to make sure the candy didn't spill out during transport.

Here's how the tombstones turned out:

Tombstone Treat Bags
A lot of tracing, cutting, and gluing for this design made for a huge time investment... so sadly it's just pumpkins from now on, which turned out to be the easier/faster of the two bags!

What do you think:

Do you remember what the greatest treat you ever got was while trick-or-treating as a child (mine was full sized chocolate bars, mmmmmmm!)? Have you ever tried either of these treat bags? Or, do you have any other treat bag designs that you love to use? Share some links to your favourite designs!

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