Wreath Feature at Under the Table and Dreaming & The 36th Avenue

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Mini Pumpkin Pod Wreath
What a fantastic start to my week!

I am so happy to announce that I have been featured TWICE again this week! After one failed wreath design my second has hit a home run, and two wonderful ladies in Blogland have been so gracious as to feature my mini pumpkin pod wreath on their spectacular blogs:
{Under the Table and Dreaming}{The 36th Avenue}

For featuring my {mini pumpkin pod wreath}, to Stephanie from {Under the Table and Dreaming} and to Desirée from {The 36th Avenue}!!!

Desirée was also kind enough to award me the Wreath-alicious Sticker for my work, which is just absolutely amazing to me!!!

Mmmmmm, wreath-alicious!!!
I would love it if you could all take a moment to visit the ever inspiring {Under the Table and Dreaming} and the thrifty and creative {The 36th Avenue}. Both of these blogs are jam packed with so many fantastic projects, I dare you not to be inspired!!! Please also consider following us all - I know it would certainly make my week that much more special :D

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