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Believe it or not, I have been toying with the notion of starting a blog for, well, almost a year now I think! It really did all begin with my headboard project - after having researched many wonderful blogs that featured their own headboard creations. My hubby has even suggested several times that I start my own blog for all my decorating adventures and crafty creations. As you all know, I did finally take the plunge last month. Recently I have had a few lovely surprises from some great bloggers out there in Blogland that have made me think I may just have made a good decision.

First off, I need to say to a big:


Mel, from {The Crafty Scientist}, has been such a sweetheart to me, having invited me to join her {Crafty Scientists Blog Hop}. Please do check it out - especially if you have an involvement in science - this is a fantastic group that features amazingly creative and crafty individuals who just happen to have a special connection to the scientific world, of which I also do! Mel has invited me to her blog for a guest post, including both an interview and crafty tutorial - so please stay tuned for those upcoming special features!

Cassity, from {Remodelaholic}, has been so encouraging and has shared some wonderful blogging advice with me. She has also been an amazing support and we're in talks right now about having me join the Remodelaholic team as a monthly contributor!!!! I am just so excited about this prospect and I hope you will all check out the site and especially stop by when I'm posting! It's no mystery that Remodelaholic is packed full of great projects - not only completed by Cassity and her hubby Justin, but also reader submissions, making for a phenomenal "go-to" resource for everything home related.

Kelli, from {The Turquoise Piano}, is an amazingly creative individual that has been so kind to AWARD me with the Versatile Blogger Award!!! I am so stunned, and incredibly honoured, to have received this award, especially so early on in my blogging endeavors. {The Turquoise Piano} has a stunning collection of amazing projects, so please pop by and check Kelli out!

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award I have the opportunity to share a few interesting tid bits with you all. The award entails the following:

Thank you, {Kelli}, for this amazing honour!!!
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award it to 10 other bloggers.

So, after all the thank yous (by the way, {Kelli}, did I mention THANK YOU!!!!!), it's time for some sharing!

1. As mentioned above, I do have a connection to science; I am currently a graduate student working towards my doctoral degree in clinical geriatric neuropsychopharmacology. What, huh, who? you ask. In essence I am interested in how psychotropic medications act in the brain and whether the aging process changes that activity. I use a machine that exerts powerful magnetic forces to create images of brain regions that are important for emotional processing, and this lets me see how a drug is working in a particular area. The goal is to better personalize psychiatric medical care, particularly when it comes to pharmacological interventions in the older population.

2. When I was a little girl and all my friends were dreaming of being princesses or ballerinas, I was dreaming of being a lawyer - yes, a lawyer! I used to argue with everyone, and very rarely lost a case. My 8th grade mock trial was just about the best thing that ever happened to me in school - I absolutely loved it and fought furiously for my fake client; so much so that all my classmates were pretty stunned at how seriously I took it. I even lined up a ton of fake witnesses. It.Was.Awesome. Unfortunately, I lost that case - jury was rigged though. I'm sure of it.

3. My hubby and I have been together for 15 years (married for the past four). We met in highschool and the moment I saw him I just knew we'd be together forever - no word of a lie.

4. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper shy - so much so that, even though my hubby encouraged me to start this blog and he's a wonderfully supportive guy, I still haven't told him that I took his advice! Yes, I'm THAT shy! Not even any of my friends or family know. I'm just too nervous to tell anyone... except for all of you, that is!

5. I haven't had a vacation in four years; I can thank my graduate work for that one. BUT, the last time I went away was for my honeymoon and hubby and I spent two spectacular weeks on the islands of Hawaii. It was the most breathtaking place to be (if anyone is thinking of going send me a message - I've got a ton of great places to go and the BEST places to stay). When we left a part of my heart stayed there and I miss it so much. I will absolutely make my way back there some day.

6. I used to be a pathological workaholic (and still struggle with that a lot). It was so bad that if my supervisor sent me an email at 1am (just so she wouldn't forget to ask something) I would start working on her request immediately. At one point I caught a cold, and thanks to my obsessive working I didn't take care of myself to get better. In fact, I continued to go into work (at a hospital where there are elderly people - VERY bad idea), until one day I wasn't even able to speak to my supervisor because of the terrible pain in my chest from even breathing. My supervisor had to order me to go to my doctor right then (she practically had to dial the number for me because I STILL wanted to keep working). I ended up diagnosed with a serious case of bronchitis, which put me out of the office for a few weeks. My doctor warned that I was on the verge of developing pneumonia - which could have been life threatening. Unfortunately I kept working from home on the couch while trying to recuperate. I've really never been the same health-wise since and a simple cold will stay with me for months. It took me a while to realize that working until all hours and pushing yourself that hard is just not worth it, not even for a job you love, and I've been trying to be better at "leaving work" at a reasonable hour (a real challenge when a lot of what I do is done from home).

7. My favourite thing to do is really just to spend time with my hubby and our pup, Maxwell. There's nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with the two of them and just watching television. I don't know what I would do without them - but especially my hubby! He means the world to me and I feel so lucky to have found the perfect person to share my life with.

So now you all know just a little bit more about me!

I would like to pass on the Versatile Blogger award to a few other amazing blogs (in alphabetical order):

1. {At The Picket Fence}
2. {Beach House in the City}
3. {French Country Cottage}
4. {Funky Junk Interiors}
5. {My Covered Bridge}
6. {Remodelaholic}
7. {Southern Exposure}
8. {Teal and Lime}
9. {The Crafty Scientist}
10. {The Painted Hive}

All of these blogs are just fantastic - they are filled with great projects and beautiful photos. The bloggers are creative and captivating. I'm always curious to see what they will come up with next, what stories they will have to share, and what they will inspire me to do. I highly recommend you check out each and every one of them, if you haven't already! Of course, fulfilling the "requirements" of this award is completely optional (I've selected some super busy gals to highlight here!). I simply wanted to acknowledge these women for their talents and show my appreciation for their work. So thank you, ladies, for being so inspiring, and congratulations on this award!



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