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It's a Wrap! {Well, Almost..}

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OK, OK, so technically I do have one more present to wrap - but at the rate I'm going if I wait any longer it'll be New Year's before I show you my kraft paper presents! As you'll recall from not so long ago, The Great Wrapping Paper Shortage of 2011 forced me to think about getting creative in wrapping holiday gifts using plain brown paper. Now for the eagerly anticipated reveal... ahem.... drum roll, please...

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Wrapped Up in the Details

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I love wrapping presents! I like to think I'm quite humble about any talents I may have, but for wrapping, I don't mind admitting that I am a master! I put a lot of time and effort in presenting a gift in as beautiful a way as possible. Last year I made the switch from those boring plastic bows and ribbons to fabric ones... although now that means that during the holidays hubby has to be on Ribbon Detail, quietly gathering back the discarded ribbons from freshly shed packaging before they make their way to the waste basket (unfortunately, as much as people enjoy my wrapping, they're not too keen on keeping the remnants once the goodies from within are in hand; and I love my ribbons). So, with one packaging upgrade already in effect I wasn't planning on having to deal with another...

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Put a Pin In It ~ Paint Chip Art

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Now that I have finally taken a pin out of my {custom coloured magnetic chalkboard}, I feel sufficiently comfortable enough to Put a Pin in something new. I'm also hoping that putting a pin in a project doesn't turn out to be the dreaded kiss of procrastination for it (considering how long it took me to get that chalkboard completed)! But I suppose I will just have to take that chance with this next fantastic little project.

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Promised & Delivered ~ A Custom Magnetic Chalkboard!

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Martha Stewart Custom Chalkboard Paint
Last October I "Put a Pin" in making a custom coloured chalkboard like the one pictured above from Martha Stewart. While I've slowly been succumbing to all the amazing images of the usual black chalkboard paint enhancing all types of interesting objects - from globes, to river rocks, and even to pumpkins - I'm still not ready to embrace it in it's typical incantation as a chalkboard. My vow to you was to create my OWN colour - and do I have news for you!

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