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Now that I have finally taken a pin out of my {custom coloured magnetic chalkboard}, I feel sufficiently comfortable enough to Put a Pin in something new. I'm also hoping that putting a pin in a project doesn't turn out to be the dreaded kiss of procrastination for it (considering how long it took me to get that chalkboard completed)! But I suppose I will just have to take that chance with this next fantastic little project.

I have been struggling for a long time to find art for the New Place. I can never seem to find anything that really speaks to me; and when I do, it's usually WAY out of my price range (which, let's be honest here, isn't a stretch when you're talking about art). I have found a few amazing artists through Etsy, but I need to try to branch out just a little before I quickly turn the New Place into an homage to a select few individuals, despite how wildly talented they are. So, while strolling through Blogland one day, I may have found a great, inexpensive, solution to my art dilemma: DIY art.... with paint chips!!!

Take a look at this gem by Heather from The Lovely Cupboard:

Ombre Paint Chip Art
Heather gathered up a plethora of paint chips from the hardware store, cut out cute little triangle shapes, and assembled them all together to create a gorgeous ombre effect. Just add a great frame and you've got yourself a custom piece of art as stylish as any other for next to nothing! Just the cost of the frame really!

So, with my inspiration from Heather in tote, I'm off to the hardware store to smuggle me some paint chips! Wish me luck!

What about you???

Are you an art aficionado, able to sniff out a good deal at all times? Or, do you struggle like me to find inexpensive treasures? Where do you go for art? Or are you an art DIY'er extraordinaire, and if so, please share some of your masterpieces!


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