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I love wrapping presents! I like to think I'm quite humble about any talents I may have, but for wrapping, I don't mind admitting that I am a master! I put a lot of time and effort in presenting a gift in as beautiful a way as possible. Last year I made the switch from those boring plastic bows and ribbons to fabric ones... although now that means that during the holidays hubby has to be on Ribbon Detail, quietly gathering back the discarded ribbons from freshly shed packaging before they make their way to the waste basket (unfortunately, as much as people enjoy my wrapping, they're not too keen on keeping the remnants once the goodies from within are in hand; and I love my ribbons). So, with one packaging upgrade already in effect I wasn't planning on having to deal with another...

As I began wrapping gifts this year I quickly realized with each tube of wrapping I grabbed that I had left mere scraps of paper on each roll. Certainly not enough to cover every present. Nothing a quick trip to the store couldn't solve, right? Wrong! It seems I've become a wrapping paper snob! Gasps! I don't know how or when it happened, but for some strange reason no paper seems to live up to my standards.
Rustic pine cone wrapping dressed up with a sprig of faux greenery, a real live pine cone,
and a jingle bell (background); candy cane wrapping decked out with a red satin ribbon and
shimmering snowflake confetti strung together using fishing line (foreground).
I did manage to get a few presents wrapped before the Great Wrapping Paper Shortage of 2011 hit. During this time, perhaps serendipitously, I began to give significant focus to the embellishment possibilities for packaging.
Gold paper embellished with a decorative green and gold accented bow made to really shine
with sparkling silver and gold balls; a silver box is elevated with snowflake patterned cellophane,
a stark white satin ribbon, and a faux mercury glass ornament.
Then it really started to sink in; even with paper on the plainer side a package could still make a statement by adding some interesting bobbles. I know, not a particularly innovative idea, but hey, I never said I invented awesome wrapping I just said I was good at it! Thus, back at the store, rejecting roll after roll of what I'm certain was perfectly good wrapping paper options, I finally grabbed a tube of plain ol' brown kraft paper and throwing caution to the wind decided I would make this work!

Now, since I've never used plain brown paper for a present before, I need a bit of inspiration. Enter my dear old friend the Internet. Here are some of the great options I found:

I just adore this simple and sweet idea from Carolyn's Homework:

A little bird by Geninne Zlatkis perched atop this
lovely package from Carolyn's Homework
Sofie from Simply Sofie uses natural elements to give brown paper great visual appeal:
Tuck some fresh greenery under ribbon, or just use it as ribbon! Add some
bark and leaves to packaging for a natural look; inspiring ideas from Simply Sofie
Ah, and now the perfect use for all my little leftover paper scraps courtesy of HGTV (I even have that exact green damask paper!):
Don't have enough fancy wrapping paper for an entire gift? Then just use it as
an embellishment like in this shot from HGTV
Keighley from Fancy House Road gives us a great tip, "DO NOT throw [Christmas scraps] out"! She shows us how to effortlessly add pop to presents with holiday themed odds and ends:
Extra holiday bits and bobs left over? Put them to good use by
adding them to presents as per Fancy House Road!
Well now I am feeling truly inspired and ready to finish the task of wrapping presents!

What about you?

Have you finished all your wrapping (or am I the only late one!)? What's your favourite way to embellish a gift? I would love for you to share your tips and photos if you have any!

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