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Ballard Designs Inspired Bulletin Board Feature at Knock Off Decor

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Ballard Designs Bulletin Board Knock-Off
I'm very excited and honoured to report another wonderful feature!

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Google Friend Connect: Going the Way of the Dinosaurs

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By now you’ve all heard the news, that Google Friend Connect is going offline for many bloggers on March 1, 2012, and could be phased out entirely for us all in the future. Luckily all is not lost! A few really wonderful blogging ladies got together with Brent Riggs, the creator of Linky Tools, to design a fabulous new Linky Followers application. Just like Google Friend Connect, Linky Followers allows you to show your love for amazing blogs – BUT, it also lets you organize your followers, feature them, and it acts as a reader! The best part: it’s completely FREE!!! Many bloggers have already made the switch, and to keep connected with all of my favourite DIY’ers I am adding the Linky Followers tool to Designing by Numbers as well!

Please consider following me using this new fantastic tool by clicking the link below, or using the Linky Followers widget that I have added in my right side-bar – did I mention it’s FREE!?! If you are already a follower of mine through Google Friend Connect I hope that you will continue to show your love via Linky Followers. For now I will keep both applications available, but I hope you will make the switch to Linky Followers to stay in touch with me (and so that I can stay in touch with you too!!)

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Thank you all for your continued support; it means so much to me!

But WAIT, there's MORE...

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Nailheads: Round Two

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In this corner, a tiny nailhead, weighing in at a few grams; and our challenger, in the opposite corner, weighing in at…. well, it’s none of your business really! That’s right folks, this will be a match to remember! After a harrowing {Round 1}, our challenger is left badly bruised but manages to get the win; will she be so lucky in this round? Head on over to {Remodelaholic} to find out!

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No Need to Let the {Paint}Chips Fall Where They May

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I just recently {Put a Pin} in creating a custom piece of art using nothing but FREE paint chips, and already I've accomplished the task! Pats on the back for me! This is a great, simple, and inexpensive project that will leave you with an amazing work of art that you'll be proud to brag that YOU made! And boy have I got your back on this one; I will even give you an extra little FREE incentive for you to try this project. So, how about it; are you ready to impress?

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