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Welcome to our home!
The front of our home in wintertime; click {here} to see more
pictures from before we moved in
My hubby and I fell in-love with this great little house in the West end of Toronto - VERY West end, but at least still in Toronto - and scooped it up in the winter of 2009 for an absolute steal. With approximately 1500 square feet it is a far cry from the meager one-bedroom deluxe apartment we had in High Park which was just under 700 square feet (for a tour of The Old Place, click {here}). We were lucky enough to have found a home that, although not new (circa the 1980's), had just been completely renovated.

We were just ecstatic and set to close in the spring, but unfortunately our brand new dishwasher - a feature my hubby and I just adored when we first saw the place - had other ideas. The combination of an improper installation, the water being left on in the house, and the house being unoccupied, lead to... well, a flood of biblical proportions - discovered only when a neighbour noticed water gushing over the front steps to the house... two weeks before our closing! Fortunately, the seller's insurance covered all of the repairs and we got a newly renovated home, for the second time, and eventually did get to move in that summer.

We're now working very hard on getting things in tip-top shape - decor-wise mostly, though my hubby still seems to find things that need work in our renovated home. He has put in new closet doors to bring us into the 21st century, as opposed to the awesome mirrored 80's doors that were originally there; then of course he had to upgrade the doors throughout the house (a project still in progress) because you have to match the closets; and then there's the new quarter-round for all the baseboards, because apparently baseboards without quarter-round aren't really baseboards at all. We also completed the laundry room - yes we, I was forced happy to help - and had some adventures in plumbing (as if we haven't had enough of leaks!) But, I do have to admit, my hubby does do an amazing job to help with all the finishing touches.

As we work though each room I will post more pictures here. Where available, please click on links to find posts associated with a room.

The Living Room
Adding a little more colour to my life in the new living room!
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