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Wreath Feature at Under the Table and Dreaming & The 36th Avenue

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Mini Pumpkin Pod Wreath
What a fantastic start to my week!

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Stop! Wreath Time

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Lately I've been on a major wreath kick. I don't know why; I've never been particularly wreath crazed before. But for some reason, I'm finding myself looking at wreath after wreath after wreath. A very interesting wreath caught my eye a little while ago; I'm sure you all know the one - it's from Williams-Sonoma; it's mossy, with fun mini pumpkins dotted throughout, finished with a luxurious brown grosgrain ribbon. And it's expensive. Way.Too.Expensive. I've seen many amazing knock-offs of this particular piece and I was even considering making one for myself. Until a trip to Michaels and a 90% off sale changed my life.

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Leaf it to Me!

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BHG: Leaf Place Cards
Yes, I held out as long as I could in decorating for autumn, and yes, that means I left it until just about the last minute to set up my table for Thanksgiving this year as well. But, with a few simple touches, I was able to whip up a stylish backdrop for dinner just in time for guests to arrive!

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Falling into Fall

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Pottery Barn
Make no mistake about it, I am a summer baby all the way. I love the lush colours of summer and I especially love the heat. Much to my dismay, I live in a country that unfortunately experiences four seasons, so I not only have to adapt my wardrobe to the temperature changes but also my home decor. My hubby loves the fall, and as soon as October hit he proclaimed it time to "fall the place up". Despite my seasonal preferences I do happen to have a few items geared towards the fall stuffed away in a tiny box; the first weekend in October I finally broke down and fished them out of storage.

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